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Saft LSH14 3.6V Baterie Litiu

                 Pret Aici Baterie Lithium Saft LSH14 3,6v

Physical characteristics

Diameter(max)  26.0 mm (1.02 in)
Height (max) 50.4 mm (1.98 in)
Typical weight 51 g (1.8 oz)
Li metal content approx. 1.7 g
Available termination suffix CN, CNR radial tabs
3PF, 3 PF RP radial pins CNA (AX)

Cell size references UM2 – R14 – C

Primary lithium battery 
Saft LSH 14

3.6 V Primary lithium-thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) High power

C-size spiral cell

Electrical characteristics

(typical values relative to cells stored for one year or less at + 30°C max.)

Nominal capacity 5.8 Ah

(at 15 mA + 20°C 2.0 V cut-off. The capacity restored by the cell varies

according to current drain, temperature and cut-off)
Open circuit voltage (at + 20°C) 3.67 V
Nominal voltage (at 1mA + 20°C) 3.6 V
Pulse capability: Typically up to 2000 mA
(2000 mA/0.1 second pulses, drained every 2 mn at + 20°C from
undischarged cells with 10 μA base current, yield voltage readings above
3.0 V. The readings may vary according to the pulse characteristics, the
temperature, and the cell's previous history. Fitting the cell with a capacitor
may be recommended in severe conditions. Consult Saft)
Maximum recommended continuous current 1300 mA
(to maintain cell heating within safe limits. Battery packs may imply lower
level of maximum current and may request specific thermal protection.
Consult Saft)
(recommended) + 30°C (+ 86°F) max
(for more severe conditions, consult Saft)
Operating temperature range - 60°C/+ 85°C
(Operation at extreme T may lead to reduced capacity and lower voltage
(- 76°F/+ 185°F)readings at the beginning of pulses. Consult Saft) 


High v the lifetime of the application

High drain/pulse capability 
Wide operating temperature range 
(- 60°C/85°C)

Easy integration in compact system
Low self-discharge rate
(less than 3 % after 1 year of storage
at + 20°C) oltage response, stable during 
most of

Main applications

Radiocommunication and other 
military applications

Alarms and security systems 
Beacons and emergency location 

Metering systems 
Automotive telematics
Pipeline inspection 

NATO stock number 6135 12 306 4125

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